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Digital Marketing Services & Academy

Mapplinks Services

Digital brand experiences through services and consulting for corporates, SMBs and startups

Mapplinks Academy

Growth hacking & new-age digital marketing institute for entrepreneurs, marketers, and companies

Growth Hacking Education

Growth Hacking Basics Course

The world's first free growth hacking course delivered to the email inbox for entrepreneurs & marketers

Growth Hacking Masterclass

A growth hacker advanced course with professional certification for entrepreneurs & marketers.

The Book of Growth Hacks

A book of the top 25 handpicked proven growth hacks for all businesses.

Mapplinks Digital | Tools for Digital Marketers

Instagram Hashtags Finder

Find the best hashtags on Instagram to boost reach and engagement for Instagramers.

On-page SEO Checklist

Optimise any webpage for search engines using this handy checklist for SEO marketers.

Social Media Marketing Stack

A curated directory of social media marketing resources & tools for digital marketers.

Social & Community


News and stories from startups, technology, lifestyle and entertainment.

Digital Digest

A bi-monthly subscription to influencer interviews from the digital and social ecosystem.


A one-page travel profile and digital journal for travel enthusiasts and travel bloggers.

Tools for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Startup Stack

A curated directory of startup tools and resources made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Margin Markup Calculator

Calculates margins, markups, cost price, and selling price for retail business owners and affiliates.

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